quarta-feira, março 26, 2008


Foto Phillip Toledano

Little garden how do i make your flowers grow, when i already do everything that i know.i bring you sunshine and i bring you rain, but still you refrain.
All the other gardens are so full of flowers.
They're so colourful yet i spend all these hours, trying to make you as beautiful as them, but still you refrain.

Knock scratch

Little girl, why are you crying, just because the flowers in your garden are dying, theres so much, that you could be doing, and all of your neighbours well they havent got a clue oh, come on with me, well have a little bit of fun, yeah, its not too dangerous and we wont hurt anyone yeah, well cause some havoc between the birds and the bees and well , well paint the town red and well shake the trees, oh come on with me and ill show you a good time, all you have to do, is a jump and a climb, and ill, ill take you over to the other side of town, well theres so much to do there and nobody wears a crown.
Oh, Should i go? or should i stay? my flowers are dying and im sick and tired anyway,
This boy seems kinda cool, his jeans are kind of low.
Well i think ill go.

jump climb

Oh, lets pack a picnic and well go for a drive. well go to a funfair and go on all the rides. well climb up a mountain and well take in the sights, well jump in a plane and fly. if you want you can come back to mine. well drink some coffee and you can spend the night. well do anything that makes you smile, cause your smile is beautiful and it makes me happy, cause your smile is beautiful and it makes me happy
This little girl she grew up and moved away and she
She lived her life full of risk and full of play and she
She lived her life, with so much to say, and
Her flowers they grow more beautiful everyday

Kate Nash

a letra que salva uma música fora de medida.